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     I have criticized the law of Labour Value with all the severity that a doctrine so utterly false seemed to me to deserve.   It may be that my criticism also is open to many objections.  But one thing at any rate seems to me certain:  earnest writers concerned to find out the truth will not in future venture to content themselves with asserting the law of value as has been hitherto done.
     In future any one who thinks that he can maintain this law will first of all be obliged to supply what his predecessors have omitted--a proof that can be taken seriously.  Not quotations from authorities; not protesting and dogmatising phrases; but a proof that earnestly and conscientiously goes into the essence of the matter.  On such a basis no one will be more ready and willing to continue the discussion than myself.
--Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk.  Capital and Interest p. 389



Studies in

Mutualist Political Economy

By Kevin A. Carson


Part One--Theoretical Foundations: Value Theory

Part Two--Capitalism and the State: Past, Present and Future

Part Three--Praxis


     "Congratulations Kevin! What you have done is a real break-through.  With IRON FIST   you gave us the first real development of anarchist  economics since the days of Tucker and Proudhon. Now with MUTUALIST  ECONOMICS you have given us a larger systematic  approach – a  dialectical critique and synthesis of marxist, marginalist, rothbardian and trad anarcho economics which used to examine and critique contemporary society. No longer need anarchists look embarrassed when the subject of economics comes up  and simply grasp at vulgar marxism or mumble about something written 150 years ago and has never been developed since. There is something here for all anarchists to learn from, and not just mutualists and individualists."
--Larry Gambone, Red Lion Press